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Is the movie Rumor has it a true story?

Then there's “Rumor Has It…” a meta sequel directed by Rob Reiner that treats “The Graduate” as having been based on a true story. In the comedy, Shirley MacLaine plays the woman upon whom Mrs. Robinson was supposedly based, while Kevin Costner is the “real-life” Ben.

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Furthermore, is the graduate a real story?

Sign up to our Film Today email. Instead, The Graduate 's true origins remain enigmatic, in particular the inspiration for the alcoholic temptress Mrs Robinson, played by Anne Bancroft in the 1967 film, and actresses including Kathleen Turner, Jerry Hall and Linda Gray, who disrobed four years ago on the West End stage

Furthermore, was there a sequel to The Graduate? Home School is a novel by Charles Webb that is the sequel to The Graduate.

Simply so, what is the movie Rumor has it about?

Living in New York City, Sarah (Jennifer Aniston) must make the cross-country trip back to her home state of California for the wedding of her younger sister (Mena Suvari). Once with her family, Sarah learns some interesting things from her grandmother (Shirley MacLaine), including the family's inspirational ties to the famous film "The Graduate." But all this leads to millionaire Beau Burroughs (Kevin Costner), and Sarah wants answers -- especially since Burroughs might be her real father.

Where does the term Mrs Robinson come from?

Mrs. Robinsonis the name of a song written by Simon and Garfunkel and adapted for Mike Nichols's 1967 film The Graduate. The popular folk duo originally intended to call the song “Mrs. Roosevelt,” but when Nichols asked the duo to contribute music for the film and revealed there was a major character called Mrs.

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