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Is the eBay buyer protection program safe?

eBay's Vehicle Purchase Protection coversonly certain vehicle transactions that are completed If a Craigslist or non-eBay seller'promises' you the eBay protection plan, this is fraud andyou should walk away. Vehicles advertised well below what it isworth may be tempting, but should be a red flag.

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Keeping this in view, how does the eBay buyer protection program work?

eBay Buyer Protection Program Buyers that file a successful claim under theprogram are usually: Issued a refund from eBaydirectly for the full purchase price and shipping amount.Required to return the unsatisfactory item to the seller. Absolvedof any further connection with the transaction or obligation tothe

Beside above, is eBay Motors legitimate? No legitimate seller attempts to sell a vehicleon another site and says that Ebay will be handling thetransaction. Ebay is not a shipping company, they shipnothing. Ebay has nothing to do with other sites.Ebay is not an escrow company, they do not hold anyone'smoney.

In this way, is there such a thing as eBay buyer protection program?

Buyer is not eligible for eBay VehiclePurchase Protection Program (VPP) because it was notan eBay listing and eBay does not cover transactionsoff eBay.

How long is eBay buyer protection?

The Money Back Guarantee policy says that buyershave 30 days from the actual or latest estimated delivery date toopen a case. If you shipped with tracking that shows delivery, thebuyer's deadline is 30 days from the actual delivery date.For PayPal cases, the deadline is 45 days from the paymentdate.

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