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Is the classroom the only place for education?

The classroom cannot be the only place for education. All of life is about learning. There are those who think that learning only takes place in schools, that only school teachers are responsible for a person's education. To understand one's own self and one's place in the world is part of the education experience.

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Thereof, does education only occur in the classroom?

No, Education does not occur only in educational institution or within the four corner wall classrooms. The word Education is derived from the Latin word „Educare? meaning „to raise? and „to bring up?.

Also, why learning outside the classroom is important? Outside the classroom teaching stimulates the brain and helps the kids to stay more active. With outdoor learning, the students are able to improve their communication skills, teamwork skills and develop more ability to tackle or face the real-life situations.

Then, what is education outside the classroom?

Education outside the classroom is curriculum-based teaching and learning activities that go beyond the walls of the classroom. Experiences outside the classroom reinforce learning by enabling students to make connections between what they have learnt in the classroom and the world beyond the classroom.

How does learning take place in the classroom?

Learning occurs best when the development of positive attitudes and perceptions is made part of every learning task. Students learn to think positively about themselves, their peers, and the material they are learning. Establish a relationship with each student in the class. Practice positive classroom behavior.

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