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Is Sumproduct faster than Sumifs?

SUM (Array) achieves a similar speed to SUMPRODUCT. They are effectively following the same logic in their calculation method, so as expected they achieve similar times. SUMIFS is a much faster calculation, being able to achieve the same result in just 18% of the time of SUMPRODUCT. SUMIFS was added in Excel 2007.

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Considering this, is Sumproduct faster than Countifs?

According to a couple of web sites, SUMIFS and COUNTIFS are faster than SUMPRODUCT (for example:

Secondly, what is the difference between Sumproduct and Sumifs? The big difference between the two is that SUMIFS can only be used for straight comparisons. You can't "manipulate" the criteria while with SUMPRODUCT you can "manipulate" the criteria. You can't do that in SUMIF(S).

Also, is Dsum faster than Sumif?

DSUM is faster than SUMIF, particularly with multiple conditions.

Is Sumproduct slow?

One blanket statement about SUMPRODUCT can be said: the use of entire-column ranges (e.g. A:A) that Excel 2007 and later permits with SUMPRODUCT probably unduly slows down calculations because SUMPRODUCT must process usually multiple instances of arrays of 1+ million elements.

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