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Is spot delivery legal in Texas?

A spot delivery is not legal unless the consumer has filled out a conditional sales contract (also called a bailment agreement) and it has been made very clear to the consumer that they may have to return and sign another contract with higher payments, higher interest, or larger down payment.

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Accordingly, what is a spot delivery agreement?

The "spot delivery" is a technique that car dealers use to get you to take delivery of a vehicle immediately after you agree on a car deal. They are going to do everything they can to get you down the road in your vew vehicle.

Furthermore, is spot delivery legal in California? If you took the car home without completed financing and transfer of ownership, a true “spot delivery,” then you can simply return the car for a refund of your deposit and, if applicable, a return of your trade-in. The same applies if the dealer cancels the deal within the ten day period permitted under California law.

Just so, what is a spot delivery form?

A spot delivery is when a car dealer does not officially have a customer approved for a car loan. The dealer will have the customer sign all the paperwork and take delivery of the car. This leads the customer to believe their loan has been approved and the car deal is complete.

Can a dealership report my car stolen?

It is entirely possible for an auto dealer to call the police and report a car stolen even though registered title is in the name of the lender that you have for it. However, from a legal perspective such a call would be improper and very well could amount to a false report.

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