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Is Sawgrass a plant?

Sawgrass is a tall, slender plant that can reach up to ten feet high. It grows quickly and densely covers many parts of the Everglades banks. It is the most dominant plant found in the surrounding habitat. Sawgrass is famous for its sharp points that run along the edges of its leaves.

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Similarly, it is asked, how does Sawgrass feel?

It is so thick, you feel as if you are wading through a sea of grass. Remember, each blade of sawgrass has those tiny teeth on it that could cut you. It's no wonder we call it SAWgrass! Those tiny ridges or teeth feel like tiny little saws.

why is it called Sawgrass? General Description and Ecology. Besides its grasslike appearance, sawgrass is named for the sharp-toothed margin to its leaf blades: serrations made of silica that are capable of drawing blood from a bare arm or leg run across them.

Hereof, what is Sawgrass good?

Sawgrass marshes are the dominant vegetation community, which comprise approximately 65 to 70 percent of the total vegetation coverage of the Everglades. It also occurs throughout the southeastern U.S. growing in fresh and brackish water wetlands where it provides food and shelter to wading birds and other animals.

Is Sawgrass a producer?

A food web is a complicated transfer of energy that starts with the sun. In the Florida Everglades, plants like sawgrass are producers of food while all the other animals, such as turtles, birds and alligators, are consumers.

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