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Is Ryan Kesler married?

Andrea Kesler

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Likewise, who does Ryan Kesler play?

Anaheim Ducks #17 / Centerman United States National Men's Hockey Team #17 / Forward

Subsequently, question is, is Ryan Kesler injured? Kesler recorded three assists in the series. During the off-season, it was revealed Kesler had been playing with a shoulder injury since February 2012. Suffering from a torn labrum, he underwent surgery for the injury in May.

Secondly, is Ryan Kesler still playing?

With the announcement that he is now out for the season, Eaves' career as a Duck is likely over, as this is the final year of his current contract. For Ryan Kesler, the news of being sidelined for the year has been expected all summer. Kesler still has three seasons remaining on his six year, $6.875 million contract.

Why did Ryan Kesler get traded?

PHILADELPHIA -- Ryan Kesler did his research and decided he has a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks than with the Vancouver Canucks. That's the reason, and the only reason, the center waived his no-trade clause to permit a trade to the Ducks on Friday.

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