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Is Rachio weatherproof?

The Rachio Generation 1 controller is not waterproof. If your location calls for outdoor installation, we require the use of a waterproof enclosure. You can order the Rachio recommended enclosure on Amazon.

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Likewise, does Rachio have a monthly fee?

There are no monthly or annual subscription costs associated with the Rachio controller.

how do I wire a Rachio controller? Install

  1. Attach the Rachio to the wall. Use the four (4) mounting screws (provided).
  2. Wire it up. Use the photo from your old timer to reference how your wires should be installed in your Rachio.
  3. Plug it in. Light One should start blinking; once solid (will take about 30 seconds), proceed to Connect Step (above).

does Rachio require subscription?

Are there any recurring costs to run the Rachio 3 Smart Water System? Nope! There are no monthly or annual subscriptions, the app is free to download at any time, and all software and firmware updates are automatically updated for you for the life of the product.

Can Rachio be installed outside?

Rachio controllers can be installed outdoors by using a Rachio Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure. Our outdoor enclosure protects your controller from the elements and keeps it safe from water damage.

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