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Is Probate necessary in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, probate is the legal process that happens after a person (the "decedent") dies, regardless of whether the person died with or without a valid will. Property held in a trust or property held in joint tenancy, for example, need not pass through the probate process.

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Thereof, how do you avoid probate in PA?

In Pennsylvania, you are allowed to make a living trust so as to avoid probate of real estate, vehicles and bank accounts among others. Create a trust document mentioning the person you choose as trustee after your death. Transfer the rights of your assets to yourself so that you are the trustee of the trust.

what is the cost to probate a will in PA? Generally, probating a will costs between $200 - $1,000 depending on the size of the estate. Although probate is generally easier in Pennsylvania compared to other states, an Executor still has legal obligations and a fiduciary duty to beneficiaries of the estate.

what is subject to probate in Pennsylvania?

Assets subject to probate include all real estate and personal property owned solely by the decedent without designated beneficiaries. Pennsylvania requires the estate executor to submit an inventory of all of the decedent's assets and their value at the time of death to the probate court.

How long do you have to probate a will in PA?

There is no time limit as to when a will is probated. Why is the executor waiting so long? Please note that once the will is probated, you can move forward with finalizing the estate. The inheritance tax is due within 9 months from passing, with a

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