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Is Phi Mu a sorority or fraternity?

Phi Mu is referred to a women's fraternity since some sororities predate the term "sorority" and are thus known as "fraternities for women." Phi Mu is one such sorority, and its formal name is Phi Mu Fraternity.

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In respect to this, is Phi Mu a good sorority?

While not one of the largest sororities in the country, Phi Mu has arguably the best sorority house at its University of Alabama chapter. The $13 million, 39,444-square-foot home features a baby grand piano and a chandelier that once hung in New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which is what the whole house feels like.

Likewise, what are Phi Mu colors? Phi Mu Symbols and Motto Phi Mu's official symbol is the quatrefoil, literally meaning “four leaves.” The official flower is the rose-colored carnation. Phi Mu's official colors are a soft rose pink and white. The fraternity is represented by a lion, nicknamed Sir Fidel.

Then, what does Phi Mu Liob mean?

Love in Our Bond

How do you say Phi Mu?

Phi is pronounced "phee" and T as in cow but with a t, just as a lot of others stated previously.

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