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Is newel post structural?

The newel post serves two very important functions. First and foremost, it is a structural element of the staircase. Since it is not always possible to fix one (or both) sides of a staircase to the wall, the newel post is the load-bearing element that supports that side.

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Also question is, can you cut a newel post?

The 50mm diameter peg on the newel post sits inside this hole. If you're cutting down an existing newel post, don't cut it too short as newel posts come in fixed lengths.

Subsequently, question is, how does a newel post work? A newel post serves as a support pole that helps bear the weight of the rest of the stairway. Newels are always found at the foot of a flight of stairs and you will also find newels at the top of the stairway in order to maintain symmetry. Further, newels are placed at junctures where the stairway changes directions.

Similarly one may ask, why is it called a newel post?

Originally, a newel was the central post of a winding or circular stairway. If such a stairway has no central post, it is said to be of hollow-newel construction. In Gothic architecture a post used to support a vaulted-arch roof was sometimes called a newel.

What is a newel base?

Newel base – The newel base is the square part at the bottom of the newel post. It has a shaped top and a pre-drilled hole of 50mm. The post has a 50mm diameter peg on the bottom, and the post pegs fits into a 50mm hole in the newel base. A newel post is always a fixed length usually between 750mm - 850mm long.

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