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Is NaBrO3 ionic?

Sodium bromate is an inorganic sodium salt having bromate as the counterion. It has a role as an oxidising agent and a nephrotoxin. It is a bromate salt and an inorganic sodium salt.

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Simply so, is nabro3 ionic or molecular?

Sodium bromate, the inorganic compound with the chemical formula of NaBrO3, is the sodium salt of bromic acid. It is a strong oxidant.

Likewise, is NaBrO a salt? Sodium hypobromite is the inorganic compound with the formula NaBrO. It is the Na+ salt of OBr-. It is the bromine analogue of sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient in common bleach. In practice the salt is usually encountered as an aqueous solution.

Keeping this in consideration, what is NaBrO4?

NaBrO4 is a white crystal or powder. It's a strong oxidant. It's soluable in water and ethanol.

What is the formula for sodium bromate?


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