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Is multithreading possible in single core processor?

Yes you can do multithreading on a singleprocessor system. In multi-processor system ,multiple threads execute , simultaneously on differentcores. Eg- If there are two threads and two cores ,then each thread would run on individual core.

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Similarly, how many threads can run on a single core?

You have 4 CPU sockets, each CPU can have, up to,12 cores and each core can have two threads. Your maxthread count is, 4 CPU x 12 cores x 2 threads percore, so 12 x 4 x 2 is 96.

Furthermore, how does multithreading take place on a computer with a single CPU? How does multithreading take place on a computer witha single CPU. The operating system's task scheduler allocatesexecution time to multiple tasks. Byquickly switching betweenexecuting tasks, it creates the impression that tasksexecutesequentially.

Correspondingly, how multithreading in single processor system is different from multithreading in multiprocessor system?

Multiprocessing and Multithreading bothadds performance to the system. Multiprocessing isadding more number of or CPUs/processors to thesystem which increases the computing speed of thesystem. Multithreading is allowing a process tocreate more threads which increase the responsiveness of thesystem.

How many threads can you run?

AFAIK there are no explicit limit in Windows, thereforethe constrain will be memory (probably the stack for eachthread). A pretty good rule of thumb when runningintensive tasks is to run the same number as your physicalcore count.

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