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Is milk a nutrament?

Variants: Banana; Chocolate; Coconut; Eggnog;

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Considering this, what does nutrament drink do?

Nutrament has calcium from skim milk to help build strong bones, 35% daily value of 24 vitamins and minerals, and 16 grams of protein to help build muscle. Nutrament is the complete nutrition drink that keeps you going strong.

Secondly, is nutrament an energy drink? Nutrament is the energy nutrition drink that keeps you going through your active day. Perfect as a delicious snack, mini meal or post workout beverage. It contains vitamins & minerals and also calcium from real skim milk. Free from gluten.

Also to know is, is nutrament a meal replacement?

Nutrament is nutrition. Each delicious serving of Nutrament is an excellent source of protein and provides the vitamins and minerals of a nutritionally balanced meal. Drink Nutrament anytime for: energy source, delicious refresher or snack, fitness and weight control, well-balanced meal replacement, extra nutrition.

How much is a nutrament?

Nutrament Vanilla Energy Nutrition Drink - Single Can 12 FL OZ - 12 per case

Item #: 088949763312
Reg. Price: $21.90
Our Price: $21.90
Unit Price: $1.83/ each 12 FL OZ
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