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Is mgp10 timber treated?

MGP10 is for internal use only. Not treated. Not true, Hyne M10s and M10a are treated with LOSP treatment and can be used externally. These are generally more favourable than using an F7 CCA treated pine for the main reason of strength and they generally stay straighter.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is mgp10 timber?

Machine-graded pine MGP, MGP10 to MGP15: E.g. MGP10 indicates a minimum threshold for stiffness properties of 10,000 MPa. Most exotic plantation softwoods (Pinus species) are graded using this system.

Also Know, is mgp10 the same as f5? MGP is for Machine Graded Pine. This usually won't be your floor, but it will often be used for joists and bearers. There are only three ratings available: MGP10, which is the same as F5, MGP12, which is equal to F8 and MGP15 which is the same as F11.

In this way, what's the difference between mgp10 and mgp12 timber?

The three available ratings are MGP10, which is equal to F5, MGP12, which is similar to F8, and MGP15, which is equal to F11. Amateurs might wonder what the difference between MGP10 vs. F5, but they are the same thing. For instance, MGP10 is the minimum threshold applied to stiffness properties of around 10,000 MPa.

What is f7 treated timber?

Visual Stress Gradings can range from F1 to F27. Treated Pine is usually classified as either F5 or F7, F7 being seasoned treated pine and F5 being unseasoned (wet) treated pine.

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