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Is McWay falls open now?

* Note that the McWay Falls Overlook Trail is only partially open due to trail erosion that has caused dangerous conditions. McWay Falls can still be seen from the section of the trail that is open. This wheelchair accessible trail can be accessed from the south parking lot or the stairs near the entrance kiosk.

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Also question is, is Big Sur open right now?

Highway 1, the popular artery on California's coast, is now fully re-opened following a 14-month closure due to a massive mudslide. With the Big Sur stretch of highway open, travelers can now get from Monterey and Big Sur to Hearst Castle, Cambria and other coastal cities.

can you swim at McWay Falls? No there is no where to swim. There's no access. In order to view the falls you have to walk in from the main road and when you arrive you're actually standing on the side of a cliff - there isn't a way down and I think it would be incredibly dangerous. You will see McWay Falls.

Then, why is Pfeiffer Falls closed?

The closure means there is no access to the Waterfall Overlook Trail which leads to the iconic McWay Falls. State Parks is asking for the public's cooperation in respecting the park closure by refraining from parking illegally on Highway 1 or attempting to climb down to the trail.

What city is McWay Falls?


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