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Is Madison Reed really safe?

P-aminophenol can be toxic and an irritant, according to many animal studies, but has been deemed safe at the concentrations used in hair dyes (source). Overall, Madison Reed has avoided the worst offenders and can be recommended to all but those who want a completely natural, safe product.

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Regarding this, is Madison Reed good for your hair?

Jan Hansen, who claimed that Madison Reed hair dye was a healthier option for pregnant women. In addition to ammonia- and PPD-free claims, Madison Reed tells us that their permanent hair color is free of resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, and gluten and we can feel good about their ingredients.

Subsequently, question is, is Madison Reed hair color natural? Madison Reed is at-home hair color that delivers salon-quality results. Get beautiful, natural-looking, multi-dimensional color made with ingredients you can feel good about with the first ever smart 6-free permanent hair color-free of: ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, and gluten.

Correspondingly, which is the safest hair Colour to use?

Here Are Your Safer Hair Dye Options

  • Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent Pure Tone Hair Color. Most Natural
  • Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Kit. Our Cruelty-Free Pick
  • Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Haircolor. Best for Bright Colors
  • Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color.

Is Box Dye really that bad?

When to Use a Box Dye "More specifically, it's safe if you're using semi/demi-permanent color at home because they fade away much more softly than permanent color and are also way less damaging as they usually deposit only and don't alter the natural hair shaft,” she explains.

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