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Is made in America safe?

Venue Details and Public Safety Information
Entrances are located at 21st Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Re-entry to the venue will not be permitted on either day. The perimeter of the festival will be firmly secured and protected for maximum public safety.

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Also know, what can u bring into Made in America?

Water - You can bring in factory sealed water bottles that are up to one liter in size. Free filtered water is available onsite, so bring an empty bottle to fill up, too. A light jacket, long sleeves, or hoodie - It's going down into the 60s at night.

One may also ask, is Made in America Festival all ages? Made In America” is an all-ages event. However, to enter the festival beer garden areas, you must be 21+ and have valid photo ID.

Secondly, is made in America free?

Time is short, and Labor Day weekend is almost upon us, so I will cut to the chase: Made In America, the genre-bending, two-day concert curated by Jay-Z and sponsored by Budweiser to be held on Ben Franklin Parkway on Saturday and Sunday, should be made a free concert, and all ticket holders refunded the full ticket

Can you bring bags into Made in America?

Camelbacks and Botta Bags are allowed if empty, as well as empty aluminum and factory sealed bottles up to one liter in size. Be sure to bring money for extra drinks and food, and consider tossing a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for washing up before chowing down. (Festival bathrooms are never clean.)

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