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Is low tire pressure dangerous?

Low tire pressure not only lowers gas mileage, it can be dangerous on the road. Tires inflated below the manufacturer recommended air pressure overheat and can break down chemically at high speeds, which can cause a blowout and an accident. Driving with low tire pressure is strongly discouraged.

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Then, what is considered dangerously low tire pressure?

As you say, tire pressure changes along with the outside temperature. For every change of 10 degrees in the outside temperature, tire pressure changes about 1 psi. So if you fill your tires to 33 psi when it's 75 degrees out, and it drops to 25 degrees at night, your tires will be at 28 psi. That's too low.

Additionally, is 27 psi too low? If 28 psi is too low compared to what the pressure should be, this will put too much wear on the shoulders of the tire. The shoulders will wear prematurely, which shortens the lifespan of the tires. Soft tires can make the vehicle feel a bit unstable going around corners.

Simply so, what should I do if my tire pressure is low?

Check your tire pressure with your gauge to make sure it's at the recommended psi. If too low, continue to add air in short bursts and recheck. If you add too much air, let some out by pressing the pin in the center of the tire valve with the back of the air hose nozzle or your tire gauge.

Whats the lowest PSI you should drive on?

There actually are simple The average passenger automobile/SUV/light truck has a recommended tire PSI of 30 to 35. If you allow your tire pressure to drop any more than 5 PSI below recommended you will significantly lose handling, stability can control.

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