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Is lentigo maligna cancerous?

Lentigo maligna melanoma is a type of invasive skin cancer. It develops from lentigo maligna, which is sometimes called Hutchinson's melanotic freckle. Lentigo maligna stays on the outer surface of the skin. When it starts growing beneath the skin's surface, it becomes lentigo maligna melanoma.

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Likewise, people ask, is lentigo maligna malignant?

Lentigo maligna is a melanoma in situ that consists of malignant cells but does not show invasive growth. It is commonly thought of as a melanoma precursor. Incidence of evolution to lentigo maligna melanoma is low, about 2.2% to 5% in elderly patients. It is also known as "Hutchinson's melanotic freckle".

Likewise, is a lentigo cancerous? Lentigo maligna is the precursor to a subtype of melanoma called lentigo maligna melanoma, which is a cancerous (malignant) growth of the cells that give our skin cells color.

Additionally, how serious is lentigo maligna?

Lentigo maligna is not dangerous; it only becomes potentially life threatening if an invasive melanoma develops within it. Long term follow-up involves reviewing the treated area and full skin examination to identify new lesions of concern. If the lesion was invasive, regional lymph nodes should also be examined.

Is lentigo maligna curable?

Lentigo maligna can be cured with surgery. However, if the whole area is not removed completely with the appropriate surgery, some may develop into an invasive melanoma. It is therefore important to have it removed with a rim of normal skin (an adequate surgical margin).

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