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Is Lee Williams married?

Lee Williams and his wife, Annie Ruth, chat Saturday during his birthday celebration at Fair Park.

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Similarly, you may ask, how many children does Lee Williams have?

Survivors include two children: Theresa Repp (Richard Cavin) of Centerville and Christopher Williams of Centerville; five grandchildren; four great grandchildren; siblings: Robert Williams (Bea) of Cincinnati, Iowa, Marcy Buckallew (Gary) of Centerville, Yvonne Sacco of Centerville and Nyla Fowler (Danny) of Cincinnati

Beside above, what is Lee Williams birthday? July 28, 2018

Similarly, did Lee Williams of the spiritual QCS die?

Lee Williams passed away on December 4, 2013 at the age of 66 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Funeral Home Services for Lee are being provided by Agnew & Sons Funeral Home. The obituary was featured in The Daily Journal on December 7, 2013.

Where is Lee Williams of the spiritual QCS?

Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's. Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's is an American quartet gospel group originating from Tupelo, Mississippi which has been in existence since 1968, but did not start recording until the 1990s.

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