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Is Julie Delpy married?

Julie Delpy
Occupation Actress
Years active 1976–present
Spouse(s) Dimitris Birbilis ( m. 2015)
Partner(s) Marc Streitenfeld (2007–2012)

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In respect to this, are Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy married?

It has been four years since Jesse and Celine's hotel fight in Greece. And now, fans want to know if they're still married. Every nine years since Before Sunrise in 1995, Ethan Hawke has reunited with director Richard Linklater and co-star Julie Delpy to make another installment of the Before series.

Secondly, will there be a 4th before movie? A fourth movie in the story of Jesse and Celine is not out of the cards just yet. January 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of Richard Linklater's “Before Sunrise” world premiering at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival. Fans have spent the last 7 years wondering if a fourthBeforemovie will arrive on schedule in 2022.

Also Know, did Jesse and Celine end up together?

LINKLATER, HAWKE, AND DELPY KNEW CELINE AND JESSE WOULD SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN. “I always said that the movie was a litmus test for how you view romance,” Linklater told The New York Times in 2004. “Some people would go: 'It's so clear. They will never get back together.

How old is Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise?

IMDb Rating: 8

Actor Age then Age now
Richard Linklater 35 59
Ethan Hawke 25 49
Julie Delpy 26 50
Andrea Eckert 37 61

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