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Is Jamie Campbell Bower in a relationship?

Jamie Campbell Bower has been in relationships with Matilda Lowther (2014 - 2017), Olivia Hann (2014), Lily Collins (2012 - 2018) and Zoe Graham (2007 - 2009). Jamie Campbell Bower has had an encounter with Zina Charkoplia (2013).

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Beside this, who is Jamie Campbell Bower engaged to?

Jamie Campbell Bower engaged to Bonnie Wright. (CBS) It's match made in fan heaven! A "Harry Potter" actor is engaged to a "Twilight" actor (who also happens to be a "Harry Potter" actor).

Additionally, does Lily Collins have a BF? Lily Collins and her new boyfriend Charlie McDowell prove inseparable as they hold hands on arrival in Paris.

is Lily Collins in a relationship?

Lily Collins has been in relationships with Charlie McDowell (2019), Jason Vahn (2017), Matt Easton (2014), Jamie Campbell Bower (2012 - 2018), Zac Efron (2012 - 2013), Taylor Lautner (2010 - 2011) and Riley Harper (2009 - 2010).

How old is Jamie Campbell Bower?

31 years (November 22, 1988)

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