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Is Jamaica good for your kidneys?

The antioxidants found in hibiscus not only support a healthy heart, but also protect other important organs of the body. For instance, free radicals can be harmful to the kidneys; however, some studies found that the antioxidants in hibiscus were helpful in restoring and supporting damaged kidneys.

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Accordingly, is hibiscus tea good for kidneys?

Hibiscus tea is very good for the kidneys, helping the blood pressure and protecting the kidney tissue.

Likewise, what are the side effects of drinking hibiscus tea? Side effects of hibiscus are uncommon but might include temporary stomach upset or pain, gas, constipation, nausea, painful urination, headache, ringing in the ears, or shakiness. Diabetes: Hibiscus might decrease blood sugar levels.

Besides, what is Jamaica Good For?

Historically, hibiscus tea has been used in African countries to decrease body temperature, treat heart disease, and sooth a sore throat. In Iran, hibiscus tea is used to treat high blood pressure. Recent studies have looked at the possible role of hibiscus in the treatment of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

What is the benefit of hibiscus?

One of the most impressive and well-known benefits of hibiscus tea is that it may lower blood pressure. Over time, high blood pressure can place extra strain on the heart and cause it to weaken. High blood pressure is also associated with an increased risk of heart disease ( 3 ).

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