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Is JaCoCo open source?

JaCoCo is an open-source toolkit for measuring and reporting Java code coverage. JaCoCo is distributed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.

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Thereof, what is JaCoCo used for?

JaCoCo is an actively developed line coverage tool, that is used to measure how many lines of our code are tested.

Also Know, how do I raise my JaCoCo code? For the code coverage to increase , one would need to run the tests with the coverage enabled and then view the report generated locally to see the areas covered by jacoco during its coverage parse, then from these one would see the methods (per class) that needs to be covered from the view of the jacoco agent.

Simply so, what is JaCoCo and how it works?

Working with JaCoCo JaCoCo uses the standard JVM Tool Interface. During a build a JaCoCo agent attaches itself to a JVM. When the JVM starts. and whenever a class is loaded, JaCoCo can use the agent to see when the class is called and what lines are executed. When the JVM terminates it creates the coverage report file.

What is JaCoCo plugin?

We use the JaCoCo Maven plugin for two purposes: It provides us an access to the JaCoCo runtime agent which records execution coverage data. It creates code coverage reports from the execution data recorded by the JaCoCo runtime agent.

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