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Is it worth it to paint garage floor?

If you've got stain free floors and prefer the concrete color, then you can go with an Epoxy Clear Garage Floor Coating instead. Painting your garage floors is a worthwhile and investment and something to consider before you move into a new home, as that is when the floors will be clear and clean.

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Considering this, is it a good idea to paint garage floor?

You should consider painting or protecting your garage floor in some way. It adds to its durability, makes it easier to clean and generally brightens up the place. Literally. But painting is messy and the prep work is difficult and if you don't do it right the results can be less than stellar.

Secondly, is it a good idea to paint concrete? Painted concrete has its advantages. Painting or staining a concrete surface isn't typically as simple as rolling a new paint color onto drywall; because porous concrete tends to absorb paint and moisture (which can keep paint from adhering), the process involves some additional prep work.

Also question is, does painting garage floor add value?

Epoxy flooring can increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will love to have durable, shiny garage floors and might be willing to pay a higher price for a house with this type of flooring.

What is the best paint to use on a garage floor?

Best type of concrete floor paint There are generally two types to choose from – latex acrylic paint for concrete floors and 1-Part epoxy garage floor paint. Hands down, your best choice between the two is the 1-Part epoxy paint.

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