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Is it take a load off Fanny or Annie?

The Weight is actually saying "Take a load off Fanny", not Annie. From The characters in the song - Crazy Chester, Luke, Anna Lee, are based on friends of the band.

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Simply so, what does take a load off Annie mean?

Adding further grit to this interpretation is the fact that "fanny" is British slang for female genitalia. "Take the load off Fanny," in other words, would mean just the opposite of doing a favor for a friend.

Additionally, who is Annie in the weight? The chorus and last verse mention Miss Fanny (not intended to be sung as "Annie"[14]), who had charged the traveler with the responsibility (i.e., "The Weight" or "load") for giving "her regards to everyone" in the town.

Also asked, who Wrote take the load off Annie?

Robbie Robertson

What is the meaning behind the song The Weight by The Band?

Written by Band member Robbie Robertson, the song is about a visitor's experiences in a town mentioned in the lyric's first line as Nazareth. "The Weight" has significantly influenced American popular music, having been listed as No. 41 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time published in 2004.

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