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Is it safe to eat apples with brown spots inside?

If the apples look ok when you cut them, and start to brown only after being cut; they're fine - THAT IS NORMAL! But for the apples that are brown inside when you cut them open, there's not much you can do.

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Hereof, can you eat apples with brown spots inside?

Brown spots appear inside the apple as a result of the maggot eating the apple flesh. The only way to know the maggot is gone is to cut open the apple. There may be good areas that you can cut out and use for sauce, pies etc. Another expert has suggested that the brown areas could be a condition called Bitter Pit.

when an apple is brown from the inside? Superficial scald of apple is a skin browning disorder that develops in some varieties when they are cold stored longer than three months. Brown splotches develop on the green side of the apple, and will continue to grow in size when the apple is held at warm temperatures. It is also associated with early harvest date.

Besides, what causes brown spots inside apples?

The most common cause of brown areas inside fruit is rough handling, resulting in bruising. However, a disorder called bitter pit can cause spotting on the inside. This is due to a lack – or an excess – of calcium. Keep the tree well mulched to avoid drying out.

Are soft apples okay to eat?

A decomposing apple will be soft and squishy. You should not be able to squeeze any juice out of a fresh apple with your hand. If an apple is too soft inside or if the skin of the apple is wrinkled and loose, throw it out. Some spots can be due to bruising, in which case the apple is still OK to eat.

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