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Is it safe after fumigation?

How long does structural fumigation take? Structural fumigation itself can be done in a few hours. But, after the treatment is complete there is a time period of waiting that is required. You can only return to your property once the licensee in charge has certified that it is safe to return.

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Besides, do I need to clean after fumigation?

Post Fumigation Procedure. After the house has had the proper time to air out, you will need to conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire house. Be sure to clean out your vacuum thoroughly and throw away the bag. Move all furniture and rugs aside in order to vacuum under all possible crevices.

Subsequently, question is, how long does fumigation last? The fumigation process can take from three days to a week, so you should plan to be out of your house for those days. Fumigation typically last four years, but we recommend a termite inspection every two to four years to keep your home protected.

Considering this, does fumigation ruin your stuff?

No. The gases used during fumigation release into the atmosphere. They do not harm surrounding wildlife and the ingredients in the gases we use are not ozone-depleting agents.

Is fumigation safe for neighbors?

In short, no. The point of fumigation is to kill every single pest inside a house. It won't herd them out of your neighbor's house and into your own, because there will be none alive to make the trip.

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