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Is it possible to Restud tires?

The outside part of the stud is a cylindrical metal jacket or body that is held in the tire tread rubber by a flange at the base. Only new tires that have never been driven on can be studded. Tires already driven on cannot be studded nor re-studded.

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Also, can you have studs removed from tires?

It can be accomplished by lubricating the studs (best to make use of the same tire lube used to mount tires, since other lubricants may actually harm the rubber) on an inflated tire, grabbing the top of each stud with a pair of pliers, and twisting as you pull the stud out.

Secondly, how long do tire studs last? It will wear them down some, but studs usually last 20-30K miles before they become useless.

Keeping this in view, how much does it cost to stud tires?

When studded, these tires typically trade some noise and ride comfort for extra ice and packed snow traction (studding available for $15 per tire), or represent a low-cost winter tire option when not studded.

Can you install studs on used tires?

Used tires have debris in the stud holes. That debris prevents the stud from seating, meaning you will throw studs all the time, and that's a huge liability. Studding is an option for new tires only. You are absolutely NOT supposed to stud used tires, and any shop that does so is irresponsible.

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