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Is it OK to use a rusty fire pit?

A rusty fire pit is not safe if the rust is on parts that are protruding and can possibly scratch or cut someone. A rusty fire pit is also not safe if fire, embers, or ash are falling through rusted out holes.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, is it OK to use a rusted fire pit?

If a fire pit is constructed of steel and exposed to the elements yes eventually rust will happen. You can avoid rust by covering your fire pit with a cover when it is not in use. If you have a fire pit that is starting to rust you can bring it back to life with high temperature Stove Bright paint.

Likewise, do fire pits rust? Metal fire pits are susceptible to rusting, in fact rusting is inevitable, but some metals such as cast iron are rust prone than others. Protective coatings and fire resistant paint are usually applied, however this may wear off or get damaged over time leaving it vulnerable.

Beside above, is it safe to burn rust?

A grill with loose rust is not safe, as rust may stick to the food; a grate with minor surface rust can be cleaned and treated to continue using it. While ingesting rust may not likely cause harm from one meal, continuous ingestion may be problematic for the intestinal tract.

What do you put in the bottom of a metal fire pit?

So, some wood burning fire pit manufacturers recommend putting a layer of sand in the bottom of your metal fire pit. The reason is simple; A layer of sand in your wood burning fire pit bowl is supposed to protect the metal from extreme heat.

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