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Is it legal to kill pigeons in Texas?

Wild Birds: All wild birds that migrate through or are indigenous to Texas, along with their plumage or other parts, eggs, nests and young are protected from harming, killing and/or possession by state and federal law except that European starlings, English sparrows, and feral pigeons may be killed at any time and

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Furthermore, what birds can you kill in Texas?

It is illegal to shoot them except for introduced species like European Starlings, Rock Dove or feral pigeon and the House Sparrow.

Secondly, are Roadrunners protected in Texas? The federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 accords to roadrunners, as it does to Cooper's hawks, cardinals, robins, pelicans and almost all other native North American birds, full protection from intentional killing. It is illegal to kill roadrunners. That has been so now for almost 100 years.

Likewise, people ask, is it legal to kill raccoons in Texas?

Raccoons are classified as furbearers in Texas; however, it is legal to trap them. Under state law, a person may trap a furbearing animal at any time if it is causing damage or creating a nuisance; howev- er, the pelt can be sold only during the furbearer season and with the proper licenses.

Can you kill owls in Texas?

Protected Birds Hawks, owls, eagles, and all other nongame birds and songbirds (except for the few unprotected birds listed below) are protected by various state and federal laws and may not be killed, taken from the nest, picked up, or possessed for any reason, and their feathers may not be possessed or sold.

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