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Is it illegal to put a lock on the bridge in Paris?

Paris is banning people from hanging locks from the railings of its bridges, and removing all current ones from Le Pont des Arts. The city council said that the locks are causing "a lasting degradation of the heritage of Paris and also a risk to the safety of visitors, Parisians and tourists."

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In this regard, why do you put a lock on the bridge in Paris?

The city of Paris started removing padlocks from the Pont des Arts on Monday, effectively ending the tourist tradition of attaching "love locks" to the bridge. For years, visitors have been attaching locks with sentimental messages to the bridge in symbolic acts of affection.

Similarly, is the love lock bridge still in Paris? Love locks Although this is not a French tradition and has only been taking place in Paris since the end of 2008, with locks occasionally being cut off by city workers, since 2012 the number of locks covering the bridge has become overwhelming, with locks being attached upon other locks.

Furthermore, what bridge do you put locks on in Paris?

The Pont des Arts

What does it mean to put a lock on a bridge?

The idea is simple: a couple crosses the bridge and puts a padlock on a section of the chainlink fence. The lock represents their love, and it will stay there for all of eternity. They then dramatically hurl the keys to the lock into the body of water under the bridge. They make out a bit.

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