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Is it illegal to go door to door in Ontario?

New Law will Protect Consumers at Home
Starting March 1, 2018, Ontario will ban unsolicited, door-to-door sales of certain household appliances to better protect consumers from aggressive and misleading contracting at home.

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Also asked, is it illegal to sell door to door in Ontario?

A ban on unsolicited door-to-door sales of certain household appliances will take effect March 1st in Ontario. Businesses will only be able to sell to a consumer at their home if the consumer has contacted the business ahead of time and invited them to their home for the purpose of making a sale.

Beside above, does door to door sales still work? “With telemarketing, there's a national law, but with door-to-door, you're down to the town level. It would be difficult for anyone to do this on a significant scale.” Door-to-door sales people also can run into similar problems as telemarketers — laws, most of them local, that limit or ban soliciting.

Also asked, is it illegal to go door to door?

There is no law against traders going door to door in order to drum up business. But they must follow the rules applying to doorstep selling otherwise they would be breaking the law. Firstly the law states that the person who is selling a service or product must carry appropriate identification with them.

Does Rogers do door to door sales?

Rogers has a full-time position opening for Territory Sales Representative (Door to Door). This full time, one-year contract as Telecommunications Field Sales Representative role offers you the opportunity to sell Rogers Ignite Internet, Cable, Phone and Security products and services

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