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Is it good to put a texturizer on natural hair?

Texturizers are nothing new to women with afro-textured hair and in fact have been around longer than the natural hair movement. A texturizer will loosen your curl pattern without the intensity of a relaxer, but this will not convert your Type 4 hair into a Type 3.

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In respect to this, what will a texturizer do to my natural hair?

Texturizers are mild versions of a chemical hair relaxer. The texturizer loosens the natural curl pattern of an individual's hair without completely straightening it. Loosening the curl allows for more manipulation and in many cases, more manageability.

how long does a texturizer last on natural hair? You should only leave a texturizer on the hair for about five to 10 minutes. This allows the chemicals to loosen the curl. The effects of the texturizer last permanently, but you'll have to treat your hair's new growth to loosen incoming curls as your hair grows.

Consequently, will a texturizer damage natural hair?

Texturizers still have the ability to damage your hair. That's because for naturally curly hair to become straight, the strands have to be weakened (we explained this fact in depth here). So, if your goal is to have a head of strong and healthy hair, a texturizer is going to be working against, not for, you.

Does texturizer grow your hair?

Your hair will always continue to grow and a texturizer will not stop that. If your hair does stop growing, it's for other reasons, not the texturizer. Texturizers are meant to make your hair curly, but an added bonus to using them is that on initial use, it makes your hair appear longer.

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