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Is it bad to eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry?

“The flavor release is better when it's warmer,” Eric Fredette, an official Flavor Guru at Ben & Jerry's, says. “We fill pints at about 22 degrees, so it's like soft-serve. If you get a fresh pint off the line, you can eat the whole thing in a matter of minutes, because there's no resistance.

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People also ask, is it bad to eat a whole pint of ice cream?

"A pint of ice cream could have up to about 1,000 calories, and for some people, that's more than half their daily intake," says Edwina Clark, RD, APD. That means if you keep up that habit, it could result in some pretty hefty weight gain.

Subsequently, question is, what happens when you eat a whole pint of ice cream? Back to the bad news. There are about 40 grams of saturated fat in that frozen treat your eating. "After eating a pint of ice cream, you're likely to see a spike in triglycerides and cholesterol, which are fancy names for 'blood fats'," says Clark. "These levels may drop as the ice cream moves through your system.

In this way, is it OK to eat a whole tub of ice cream?

Yeah, go ahead, eat the whole tub. Even the 1/2 gallon tub. It will not kill you. It will not do you any great harm, although it may give you a touch of the trots (too much fat all at once) or if you have gallstone problems, it may trigger an attack (again, too much fat all at once).

Is it OK to eat a whole pint of Halo top?

It may get called “healthy” ice cream, but at this point healthy has almost lost all meaning. Halo Top is healthier than traditional ice cream, but that doesn't mean it's healthy, that there's anything healthy about eating an entire pint of ice cream, or that ice cream in general is getting healthier.

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