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Is iron a better conductor of heat than copper?

Copper is a better conductor than iron,which means current can flow easier (with less resistance) throughcopper.

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Keeping this in consideration, is iron a good conductor of heat?

Because the electrons involved in the metallic bond ofiron are free-moving, iron is a goodconductor. When in their liquid or gas states, the electrons ofIn order to conduct electricity, a substance needs to have chargesthat are free-moving. Metals, such as iron, have metallicbonds.

Additionally, what material conducts heat the best? As you can see, out of the more common metals, copperand aluminum have the highest thermal conductivity while steel andbronze have the lowest. Heat conductivity is a veryimportant property when deciding which metal to use for a specificapplication.

Considering this, why does copper heat up faster than iron?

It is the ratio of Thermal conductivity and Volumetricheat capacity. If two identical objects made of differentmaterial , is kept in same surrounding and allowed to cool, thematerial with higher thermal diffusivity ( alpha) will coolfaster.

Which material has highest thermal conductivity?

Along with its carbon cousins graphite and graphene,diamond is the best thermal conductor around roomtemperature, having thermal conductivity of more than 2,000watts per meter per Kelvin, which is five times higher than thebest metals such as copper.

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