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Is IndyGo free in September?

IndyGo's Red Line will be free all September. The Red Line bus system will be free to riders in September. IndyGo is also moving forward with its new fare system. Riders can use a reloadable card called "My Key" to pay for rides.

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Besides, is IndyGo still free?

1 riders of the IndyGo Red Line will need to start paying for tickets, available at all stations and the Julia M. Carson Transit Center. Since the bus rapid transit system launch on Sept. 1, it's been free to ride the 13.1-mile route from Broad Ripple to the University of Indianapolis.

Similarly, how long is the red line free? “It's free,” he said. Not for long. Saturday is the last day passengers can ride the 13-mile long route from Broad Ripple to downtown to the University of Indianapolis for free. Starting December 1, two months behind schedule, IndyGo will begin charging $1.75 to ride the Red Line.

In this manner, is Redline still free?

The 13.1-mile Red Line has been free since it went into service Sept. 1. Originally, IndyGo had planned to begin collecting fares Oct. IndyGo decided to extend the free-fare period because the new ticket-vending machines still aren't ready for use, said IndyGo spokesman Bryan Luellen.

How much does it cost to ride the Red Line?

Riders buy a fare card for a one-time fee of $2 and fill them with funds as needed. It will cost $1.75 for one ride and $4 for a one-day pass. A MyKey app will be available to load money onto physical cards or to buy a digital card that will not require the $2 fee. Riders can still buy tickets with cash on the buses.

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