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Is Hotpoint a good stove?

But it is a good range for how old it is. I love my Hotpoint oven. It is really simple to use. The oven is accurate and heats quickly too.

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Moreover, are Hotpoint ovens any good?

Hotpoint Double Oven Generally a very good product. easy to operate and instructions very clear. Only issue is the bottom oven seems to cook at a lower temperature than the control dial says, it runs cool.

Likewise, how do you clean a Hotpoint gas stove? Spray all-purpose cleaner on the top surface of your stove and let sit for 30 seconds before wiping away with paper towels. Use glass cleaner in place of the all purpose cleaner to avoid streaking if your Hotpoint stove has a porcelain enamel surface.

Also asked, who makes Hotpoint gas ranges?


Type Private subsidiary
Headquarters Peterborough, Cambridgeshire , United Kingdom
Area served Europe
Products Washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, cookers, tumble dryers
Parent Haier, Whirlpool Corporation

Is Hotpoint a reliable brand?

The reliability of Hotpoint washing machines is pretty well established. Consumers trust the brand because their appliances have a history of providing reliable operation and a long operating life.

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