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Is holly native to the Pacific Northwest?

English holly's native range is the British Isles to southern and central Europe. It is grown commercially in the Pacific Northwest and commonly used in decorations and floral arrangements as well as in landscapes. See Holly Research and Reports for more information and research reports on this species.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, is holly native to North America?

Ilex opaca, the American holly, is a species of holly, native to the eastern and south-central United States, from coastal Massachusetts south to central Florida, and west to southeastern Missouri and eastern Texas.

Also Know, where did Holly come from? Along the west coast of North America, from California to British Columbia, English holly (Ilex aquifolium), which is grown commercially, is quickly spreading into native forest habitat, where it thrives in shade and crowds out native species.

Similarly, is holly native to Oregon?

For many people, the shiny, dark green leaves and red berries of holly are synonymous with the holiday season. This popular plant, however, is not native to Oregon. In fact, invasive holly can spread rapidly and degrade our natural areas.

Why is English holly invasive?

A large shrub or small tree, English holly has become a serious invasive because of its adaptability to grow in shade or sun, and the ease with which its seeds are spread by birds. English holly grows rapidly 7 to 10 m tall, casting deep shade that deprives native plants of light.

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