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Is Hawthorn evergreen or deciduous?

Hawthorn can refer to the deciduous hawthorn tree (Crataegus spp.) or the hawthorn evergreen bushes (Rhaphiolepis spp.), but both belong to the Rosaceae family. The rate of growth varies by each species of hawthorn and certain growing conditions may also have an effect on the growth rate of these trees and shrubs.

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Keeping this in consideration, are hawthorn hedges Evergreen?

A quick-growing evergreen hedging plant that has white hawthorn-like flowers in early summer and bright orange or red berries in autumn and winter. Large thorns on the branches make it any excellent choice as a security barrier up to 3m tall.

One may also ask, how quickly does hawthorn hedge grow? Growth rate of Hawthorn hedging Crataegus monogyna is fast growing and can achieve on average 40-60cm each year. A Hawthorn hedge is suitable for heights between 1-5m.

Beside this, is Indian hawthorn an evergreen?

Indian hawthorn is an evergreen, so the dark green, leathery foliage remains on the branches all year, taking on a purplish color in winter. You'll find many uses for Indian hawthorn plants. Planted close together, they form a dense hedge.

What is the best evergreen hedge?

Discover some of the best evergreen hedging plants to grow.

  • Portuguese laurel.
  • Hedge germander.
  • Griselinia.
  • Box.
  • Holly.
  • Holm oak.
  • Yew.
  • Pittosporum.

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