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Is GiftRocket a legitimate site?

GiftRocket is a ***** Beware if you do order and read the fine print. They take $$ every month you don't use it. You can't even get gift certificates you want because their gift cards have a very limited selection. It's just such a shady site.

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Herein, is GiftRocket reputable?

GiftRocket has a consumer rating of 3.37 stars from 275 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. GiftRocket also ranks 67th among Gift Cards sites.

Furthermore, how do you use GiftRocket? How it works

  1. Buy a GiftRocket Gift Card. Deliver by email or as a printable card.
  2. They redeem online. They redeem online with the option to receive the money to their bank account, or to receive an e-gift card to a national merchant.
  3. They enjoy your gift!
  4. Any business.
  5. Friends in other cities.
  6. It's flexible.

Secondly, is giftly a legitimate site?

@ZenKitchen613 (May 8, 2013 12:11 pm) Scam alert: a site called “Giftly” is selling bogus gift cards for ZK and other Ottawa restos. Total scam, and we can't honour them. Firstly, Giftly isn't quite a scam. Though, the “gift” can be used anywhere.

How much does GiftRocket cost?

Then you pay for a GiftRocket, let's say $100, plus a fee to GiftRocket (typically $2-4). The recipient gets an email with a link to the GiftRocket mobile website.

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