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Is Geo Metro a good car?

The 97 Geo Metro is by far the best car made, both for fuel economy (I average 39) and for dependability (mine has 200187). This car is the king of budget vehicles in every week, cheap to buy, cheap to repair and cheap to keep on the road in every way! car is by far the most reliable car on the market (at the time)..

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Similarly one may ask, should I buy a Geo Metro?

Even if your car-buying budget isn't very big, you should not buy a Geo Metro. While it might give you excellent fuel economy, the trade-off in safety, performance, and reliability are too high to justify a purchase. Even the last Chevrolet Metro produced is now 18 years old.

Beside above, what company makes Geo Metro? CAMI Automotive 1989–1994 General Motors 1995–2001

Similarly, it is asked, when did they stop making Geo Metros?


Are Geo Prizm good cars?

THE BEAST - The Geo Prizm (Toyota Corolla) has to be one of the best economy vehicles ever manufactured. If you have a long commute w/ highway miles this is the perfect car.

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