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Is Garu in love with pucca?

Garu. Garu is the deuteragonist in the Pucca series. He is a shy, skilled and quite serious-natured boy who plays the unwilling love interest of Pucca and the best friend of Abyo.

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Regarding this, does Garu actually like pucca?

Garu. It is possible that Garu does like Pucca back since he frequently spends time with her, but it is no secret that he does enjoy his time alone since Pucca loves to be around him almost any chance she gets.

Also, is pucca Korean or Chinese? Pucca is an animation character created by Korean company, Vooz Character Systems. Pucca, a lone daughter of chinese restaurant owners, is desperately in love with a 12 year old ninja boy named Garu. She loves black noodles (Cha Chiang Mein) and seeks Garu's affection and kiss.

Also know, how old is pucca?

Pucca (character)

Born July 7th
Age 10-11 in Season 1 (11 since Slam Bam Birthday Bash) 11-12 in Season 2 12-13 in Season 3
Gender Female
Resides Sooga Village

What nationality is pucca?

South Korean

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