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Is Frigidaire an Energy Star?

This year, the maker of Frigidaire brand appliances is proud to be recognized as the 2011 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for Appliances11. Frigidaire is committed to designing high-performing, time-saving, easy-to-use appliances that are energy efficient across all appliance categories.

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Also asked, what does Energy Star mean for refrigerators?

Refrigerators originally qualified for the ENERGY STAR label in June 1996. ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators are about 9 percent more energy efficient than models that meet the federal minimum standard for energy efficiency.

Also, what is a good Energy Star rating for a fridge? As a refrigerator can run for up to 20 years, the cost of running a less efficient refrigerator can exceed the cost of buying it, long before it needs replacing.

Fridge and freezer FAQs.

Model A Model B
Star Rating 2.5 stars 2 stars
Energy Consumption 370 kWh 410 kWh

Also to know, are all new appliances Energy Star?

Appliances. Every appliance comes with two price tags: the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. ENERGY STAR certified appliances help consumers save money on operating costs by reducing energy use without sacrificing performance.

What is the most energy efficient fridge?

A 5.5-star rating means that the new Hisense Black Steel ranks head-and-shoulders above other fridges around the 450L capacity, making it the most energy efficient in its class. There's only one other 5.5-star rated fridge on the entire market - the smaller 350L Liebherr Cnef 4315.

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