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Is Franciscan ware oven safe?

All ovens must be cold when placing Franciscan into them. If you put the pottery in a hot oven they will break or crack. Franciscan was advertised to be "oven-safe." if you use this precaution. Using Franciscan ware in the oven is not recommended.

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In this manner, does Franciscan dinnerware contain lead?

Franciscan ware made after 1990 is lead-free. If you have any concerns about lead in dishware, use vintage pottery for display only.

Secondly, what is Franciscan dinnerware worth? The value of Franciscan line, Apple pattern dinnerware, made in 1940 to 1953, range from $3 to $110.

Correspondingly, is Franciscan Ware still made?

The production of the Franciscan patterns Desert Rose, Apple, and Fresh Fruit were moved to the Johnson Brothers division of Wedgwood in England. All other dinnerware and tile lines were discontinued. Archival examples of the Franciscan ware were packed up and given to the Wedgwood Museum.

Does old Corelle have lead?

Most vintage Corelle pieces with printed decorative patterns are high in Lead. Click HERE to see some more examples of these pieces and their specific Lead readings (as detected with an XRF instrument.)

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