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Is even more speed the same as TSA PreCheck?

Airline-Specific Expedited Security: Better Than TSA PreCheck, or Waste of Time? Some airlines offer their own expedited security. JetBlue, for instance, offers a product called “Even More Speed”. Many other airlines offer those with elite status a similar perk to get them through security faster.

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Thereof, what is even more speed?

Even More Speed is automatically offered to customers who purchase an Even More Space seat on the seat map when booking a flight or checking in. Even More Speed may also be purchased as a standalone in the Extras section while booking a flight or checking in.

Additionally, does clear get you through security faster? Those with TSA PreCheck can also enjoy CLEAR to speed even faster through the full airport security and screening process. If you are TSA PreCheck eligible for your flight, visit the CLEAR Lane and verify your identity.

Similarly, it is asked, what does even more speed get you?

Even More Speed, which, according to JetBlue, comes with Even More Space only “for a limited time,” means you get access to an expedited security line at the airport.

What is JetBlue expedited security?

Economy-class JetBlue passengers can now speed through airport security alongside elite flyers—for a fee. At select airports, JetBlue is selling access to expedited airport security lanes for $10 each way. The airline is rolling out its Even More Speed expedited security program as a standalone product.

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