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Is EPS insulation waterproof?

While polyiso, XPS and EPS have some of the strongest waterproofing properties of all insulations, EPS is the weakest of the three and absorbs more water. EPS is also susceptible to crumbling on the edges.

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Considering this, does EPS insulation absorb water?

A: EPS is non-hygroscopic and does not readily absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Its closed-cell structure reduces the absorption and/or migration of moisture into the insulation material.

Furthermore, is EPS insulation safe? All polystyrene foam insulation used in building insulation is treated with hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD), a persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic fire retardant. Discarded polystyrene does not biodegrade for hundreds of years. Polystyrene can be recycled to foam insulation and things like planter boxes and toys.

Also to know, is insulation waterproof?

Spray foam insulation has been developed from two composite materials, polyurethane and isocyanate. Closed cell spray foam insulation works as an incredible vapor barrier and has the highest resistance value on the market. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is completely waterproof and moisture resistant.

What is the difference between EPS and XPS insulation?

EPS vs. EPS (expanded) and XPS (extruded) are both closed-cell rigid insulation made from the same base polystyrene resins and manufactured differently, EPS is beads that are molded or cut into various sizes and shapes while XPS is extruded sheets.

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