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Is Dr Mario a heavy?

Dr Mario is not an echo fighter of Mario. This is because Dr Mario has advantages such as high attack power/knockback strength, and more endurance (which means he's now HEAVIER), but he is slower and has poorer jumps. His recovery is also just terrible.

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Also to know is, is Mario a real doctor?

Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Mario was Never Really a Doctor, and More. Common grammar would dictate that, yes, that is indeed their last name, but Miyamoto explains that the name actually sprung from the infamous live-action Mario movie, because the script called for a last name, and someone penciled it in as a joke.

Likewise, does Dr Mario fair Spike? Dr. Mario can't spike with his Fair he also jumps shorter distance.

Keeping this in consideration, how is Dr Mario different from Mario?

Mario's main difference from Mario is that Dr. Mario is more powerful but slower. And in general this trade-off ends up making him Dr.

Why is Dr Mario in Smash?

Mario is His Own Character in Smash Bros. When Dr. Sakurai said that they didn't want to simply create a copy of the original Mario, but instead started with a “Mario that's a bit heavier, with added attack-power”.

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