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Is DAP platinum patch Stainable?

DAP Platinum Patch Advanced Exterior Filler's ready-to-use formula is shrink and crack resistant, easy to sand, paintable, low in odor with easy water clean-up.

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Also know, how do you use a DAP platinum patch?

Apply with a clean putty knife. One application is usually sufficient for small repairs. For repairs deeper than 1/8”, apply 2 or more layers allowing to dry between applications. May be sanded or painted in 2 to 4 hours depending on temperature, humidity & depth of fill.

how long does it take ready patch to dry? 2-3 hours

Additionally, what is Platinum patch?

Platinum Patch provides exceptional weatherproof protection that prevents discoloration, cracking and crumbling. Platinum Patch creates a strong, durable bond that won't crack or lose adhesion over time and is also is sandable, paintable, easy water clean-up and low in odor.

Is spackling waterproof?

Painters use caulk and spackling compound to fill gaps and holes, but that's about all these two materials have in common. Whereas caulk is a flexible coating that resists moisture, spackling compound dries hard and isn't water-resistant.

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